Packaging that does not stress the planet? Join us today to know how you can be a part of this.

Packaging that does not stress the planet? Join us today to know how you can be a part of this.

We care about our planet. We love our planet. We reside on it without any fear. We utilise all its resources. We have nowhere else to go but here. If you are the ‘we’ then don’t you think its about time we give our due back to the planet? Read on to know how we can do our bit by joining this movement.

Conventional plastic? Nay! - First step to clean this earth up is by stopping the use of conventional plastic. Our bagasse products give you the perfect opportunity to switch from the conventional plastic usage and move to something more viable and sustainable. We are committed to constantly innovate new products that do not have any element of plastic and are made from renewable materials only.

Responsibily Sourced - At Schmancy Pack, our motto is to produce sustainable packaging products and that can be done only by responsibily sourced materials. We are most concerned about the lifecycle of every product we manufacture and we often choose materials which are recyclable, compostable or renewable.

Sustainable, Durable Designs - Our designers create products that are in-line with our motto of sustainable packaging. Innovativeness, uniqueness and functionality combined - our packaging boxes are affordable, accommodate all your take-away needs and most important of them all - can be recycled or reused to reduce the stress on the planet.

What packaging products can you buy from us?

Well, to say ALL, is the first step for you to trust in us. Log on to our site and see the wide range of packaging products that we make out of recyclable paper. You will also understand that these are not just meant for food-delivery but these multi-use boxes are apt even for home and living products such as candles, soaps, apparel and so much more! So #multipurpose usage is surely a one-up for us there.

Moving on to our bagasse range of products, well we have got a treasure here! The products from this range are made from sugarcane fibre - material that is fast gaining popularity amongst most of our customers. These products are suitable for storing both warm and cold foods and come with secure lid-locking system.

Wooden Cutlery

Cutlery - You wouldn’t want to miss this range of wooden cutlery that is both convenient and environmental friendly. A great alternative to single-use plastic, these wooden cutlery look stylish and are supremely functional! 

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