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Premium packaging - is it really that important?

Premium packaging - is it really that important?

I read yesterday that 52% consumers will buy the product again if they get the product in premium packaging. Now if that were true one would be either really lazy to opt not to pack their products the right way or there would be umpteen excuses that would help them move away from this. 

It could include “oh the cost is too high” or “I would not make profits if I gave packaging that much importance”. The most common of it all is the fact that - But I don't know who would sell something so premium. 

Either you choose to take a risk and go with this data of 52% and opt for premier packaging. Create possibility, connections and sales.


Let your products be kept in regular, not-out-of-the-box packaging and do not create possibility, connections and sales.

Also, to let you know - Schmancy is the one stop shop for all premium packaging solutions as well. 

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