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As the world celebrates International Women's Day, we at Schmancy are celebrating it by allowing women to empower us. Yes, you heard that right. All the boxes you see in this collection are made by women, of women and for women and these boxes are now going out to the world to be appreciated and to be owned. We are proud of the women who are working with us, facing all odds and make these amazing range of boxes with a smile. They have helped us in making chocolate boxes, cake boxes, all kinds of bakery boxes and they continue to share their fruits as we all grow together.  <--split-->

Boxes made by women
Lay your hands on this niche collection of boxes that are made by women, for women and of women. These boxes are further delivered and dispatched to people across India and the globe. Making for perfect womens day gift, these boxes show the strength of every woman one meets in their journey of life. 

Womens Day Gift Boxes
What could be more special than the gift boxes made for women? This range of womens day gift boxes are designed to show freedom, strength, motherhood and light - as they all signify a woman and her emotions. This women's day, send womens day gift to your special women to make her feel special. And what better than this range of womens day boxes for your woman? These boxes can hold chocolates, cakes, cupcake and so much more! Order your box today. 


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