Apparel Packaging

Create a lasting impression!

For retailers at large, packaging of the products is as important as the product itself. In order to build customer satisfaction and to generate the ‘feel good factor’,
presentation of the product is of utmost importance. With creative designs to offer and in-house manufacturing, our packaging will help you achieve your brand objectives.

E-commerce, retail or anything on shelf!

We offer corrugated solutions for easy shipping and merchandising, and our shelf-ready packaging solutions help maximise shelf presence, without compromising on integrity of packaging. Our retail-ready packaging designs make it easy to improve shopper satisfaction, replenish and shop products; and the uniqueness of our creative design is sure to help consumer take less time during repurchase.

Design your box or bag!

Whether you are an e-commerce set up, a retail store owner or someone who sells their products up on shelf, we can offer creative mix of designs and packaging for you! Our corrugated boxes are super sturdy and environmental friendly, allowing you to reuse and repack every single time. Whether you wish to use these boxes as storage for your drawers or wish to carry your products in a sturdy bag with strings, we have it all! Order your box today.


01 Share your requirement

Share your packaging requirement, along with the size to give your product the perfect fit.

02 Customisation

Customise your box by adding branding elements such as logo, colour and other messages.

03 Get your quote

As soon as you select the design and the size we will provide you with the pricing in real-time.

04 Fast Turn Around Time

We will design and dispatch the products on-time, every time!.

Why Schmancy?


Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to customise your product,
offer bulk production and helps ensure that the final products meet the company’s quality criteria.

Manufacturing Unit:

Our in-house manufacturing unit allows
the flexibility of customisation

Cutting-edge technology Machinery:

Deliver high performance to meet different levels of
production requirement


Regulated pricing standards

In-house graphic designers:

Professional designers and structural packaging engineers who
can systematically streamline and manage the development of
product in its entirety