Baking increases visual appeal!

Baking is a science as well as an art that allows for so much creativity! We understand that the appeal of a well-baked item is increased largely due to its visual appeal.
Be it delicate yet intricate frostings, toppings and so much more!

Intelligent Packaging for baking products

Our baking collection offers you with a wide range of products including cake boxes, cake boards, cupcake holders, and so much more! We understand that baked products are extremely tough to transport especially if it is a cake with frostings and toppings - with constant fear of cake being smudged! Our spacial packaging design and cake boards make for hassle-free delivery options, which have been a hit among a lot of our customers. Our packaging offers protection during transportation, storage and display of products.

Customisation and more

Each baker, an aspiring one or a professional baker, wishes to have their products displayed in a box that is unique to their brand. Whether you need a unique shape to your product, a shelf-ready solution, a single colour box or a dynamic display box, our team of creative designers are sure to deliver solutions that matter to you. Looking for a single cupcake box, or a cake box with window? We got you covered. These boxes are made from food-safe materials and are convenient, contemporary and stylish!