Company Profile

Schmancy is a customised packaging solutions company that offers to streamline the needs of suppliers and customers, where buyers can place small, medium and large orders for packaging and branding. Started by Nikhil Parekh in 2015, he realised that the opportunity in custom packaging was vast yet untouched only when a few bakers and restaurant owners showed disappointment over unavailability of specific sizes. This realisation gave birth to Schmancy.

Schmancy Presence

As of today, Schmancy has it own manufacturing unit spread across (5000 square feet) at Bangalore. We take pride with our 24 hour dispatch, minimum order customisations and delivery pan India! We pride ourselves with serving customers such as Smoke House Deli, Soda Bottle Opener Wala and more.

While Schmancy offers operationally efficient product delivery we have initiated delivery outside of India as well. Our customised packaging solution enables our customers to take packaging profits to new heights in an easy way - The Schmancy Way!

Print and concept design

At Schmancy, we ideate creative product designs that help capture customers attention. Whatever be the product, our in-house team of designers follow a protocol to create the best suited packaging design needed for the customer. Be it to increase the shelf value for a retail store or packaging for niche and boutique products. Schmancy handles the entire production of the tailor-made order.

Schmancy Offerings & Business Model

Schmancy offers integrated and personalised packaging solutions for restaurant owners, bakers, e-commerce delivery, wedding planners, jewellery storage and more! We are positioned to disrupt the market by offering a platform which empowers customers to choose the exact size of packaging, pertaining to height, width and length along with branding solutions in crafting a designer box. The idea is to create a perfect amalgamation of establishing beautiful designs which are created to custom fit the packaging boxes and bags, based on customer requirement and persona. 

Schmancy addresses a key challenge in the execution of packaging: providing solutions from designing to manufacturing, along with the flexibility of customisation. Our approach to marketing has been digitally led, from building awareness to customer acquisition. This approach has had high levels of synergy with the target audience.

Schmancy Products

Schmancy products are available online and can be viewed in the traditional touch and feel style at the Manufacturing unit. While we initially started working on products targeted for bakers (cupcake boxes, cake boxes, chocolate boxes and more) we have extended our arm towards offering services to restaurant owners and other niche industries. Our products are aesthetically designed to fuse in with the packaging needs. We also encourage customers to have a one-on-one discussion with our designers, in order to understand the requirement better.

Schmancy Manufacturing Unit 

Our first manufacturing unit set up at Bengaluru is spread across 5000 sq ft. and is equipped with cutting-edge technology machines. The machines are designed to deliver high performances which are capable of meeting different levels of production requirement. These advanced machinery ensure optimal quality and a high serial production capacity, allowing us to bring our customers’ requirement to completion, within the given timeline. Combined with the skill and experience of the operator, our digitally-controlled lathe helps us create the most complex packaging pieces.

Company Details

CEO Name: Nikhil Parekh

Website:   Contact: 9113849088   Email:   |

Manufacturing Unit: #56 4th Cross Vinayaka Layout Andrahalli Main Road Peenya 2nd Stage, Bangalore, India 560091