Electronic Packaging

Whats in this for you

Every electronic product packaging that we have done until date comprises - the devices, its add-ons, its seal and the enclosure.
All of this in a perfectly designed box which is easy to open and close. This solves the twin-purpose, which is to sell the product and protect the product.

Retail Box

Most of the electronics come with a lot of separate pieces and the consumer usually wishes for the box to look high-end. A retail box can come with a single-colour cardboard or one can opt for full-colour boxes which can be be made for low production volumes as well. All these additional pieces need to be placed in custom-made inserts which can snuggly hold all the pieces into one box.

Display your custom-made box

We can design, print and help increase your shelf appeal, what with so many boxes available in retail stores! All you need to tell us is - does your product need description? Do you wish to talk about product features? Are you listing out instructions? What is the problem that your product will solve. Yes, we are listening. Call us now now only at 9113849088 or click here NOW



01 Share your requirement

Share your packaging requirement, along with the size to give your product the perfect fit.

02 Customisation

Customise your box by adding branding elements such as logo, colour and other messages.

03 Get your quote

As soon as you select the design and the size we will provide you with the pricing in real-time.

04 Fast Turn Around Time

We will design and dispatch the products on-time, every time!.

Why Schmancy?


Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to customise your product,
offer bulk production and helps ensure that the final products meet the company’s quality criteria.

Manufacturing Unit:

Our in-house manufacturing unit allows
the flexibility of customisation

Cutting-edge technology Machinery:

Deliver high performance to meet different levels of
production requirement


Regulated pricing standards

In-house graphic designers:

Professional designers and structural packaging engineers who
can systematically streamline and manage the development of
product in its entirety