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Chocolate Box for 9 - Red Hearts

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Have you decided on your assorted collection of chocolates yet? Well, we are set on our box designs and you needn’t look for more for we have thought through what you needed during this season of love! Made from food-safe materials, these boxes are easy to open, close and are perfect for delivery as well. What are you waiting for? Order your box today only from Schmancy.

Inner Box Dimension in cm: 12.5x12.5x4
Outer Box Dimension in cm: 14.5x14.5x4

Material: Made from 300gsm Food Grade boards
Uses: This box can hold Mithai and Laddoo, Brownies, Souvenirs
Pack of 10 Contains: 10 boxes with cavities

Colour Accuracy:
While we do our best to ensure that the product colors shown on our website are accurate, during production due to inks used, weather conditions and paper textures there may be subtle color differences. Due to the fact that our products are made to order, and can't be returned, you should be sure that any slight color variations (if any) that are possible from our final printed products would be acceptable.