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Cupcake Box for 1 - FloralYellow

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Rs. 170.00

Price per Box: Rs. 17.00

Cupcakes can never go wrong, but there are times when we open the box only to find the frosting pasted on the lid of the box. Agree folks? We have solved that problem for bakers as we have cupcake boxes that come with heightened size and other features that help make your cupcake look as appealing as you intend it to be. These boxes are made from food-safe material and can be assembled easily, (click here for our youtube video link to learn more on assembly)

Size in inch: 3.5x3.5x3.5
Design: FloralYellow

These boxes come with cavity inserts.
Sturdy Material: Made from 300 GSM boards
Removable Inserts
Environment-Friendly: We use recycled, food grade paper, plastic, and inks