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Intelligent packaging for Brand Building

Branding and packaging work in tandem. It is very important for your packaging to build your brand, and your end goal should be for your customer to recognise your brand simply through packaging. Packaging surely varies depending on your target audience.

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Cupcake, cupcake everywhere, not a box to keep? What a pity!

If you are looking for gifting those cupcakes, then sure you do not want to ruin the presentation by placing them in plastic containers! At schmancy you can find a wide range of cupcake boxes, whether you want a box of 6 cupcake holders or 12, we have it all. Not only that, the cupcake boxes have beautiful prints on them and some of them all come with a transparent film on them, allowing you to have a sneak-peek on what’s inside the box. Whether it is a corporate order or just a friendly gift to your neighbours, these designer boxes can be your go to option.

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3 reasons to pick paper bags – why, how and wow!

While we all know that there are more recycling options with paper bags as they are made from partially recycled fibre, did you know that these decompose faster and easily? Waste paper is biodegradable so they can easily decay and would not pile up on the dumping sites, as they are made from renewable and responsibly-managed sustainable resources, thereby not affecting the land where it decays. Paper bags do not contain harmful chemical that deteriorates our environment.

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Eat with your eyes!

Packaging plays an important role in perception, preservation and presentation of the products. And since we believe this is true, we also wish to believe that customers eat with their eyes before they enjoy their products.

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