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3 reasons to pick paper bags – why, how and wow!

While we all know that there are more recycling options with paper bags as they are made from partially recycled fibre, did you know that these decompose faster and easily? Waste paper is biodegradable so they can easily decay and would not pile up on the dumping sites, as they are made from renewable and responsibly-managed sustainable resources, thereby not affecting the land where it decays. Paper bags do not contain harmful chemical that deteriorates our environment.

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Eat with your eyes!

Packaging plays an important role in perception, preservation and presentation of the products. And since we believe this is true, we also wish to believe that customers eat with their eyes before they enjoy their products.

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How to carry your healthy snack…the right way

How do we organise and maintain the said schedule on a daily basis. How do we carry this if we are in a rush to head to office? What if we are travelling? Does travel entail us to cheat on our diet plan? How do we keep them fresh once we open the box? Read on to get answers on these questions.

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