Tough to fit in those tall cakes in boxes which accommodate them perfectly well? Not anymore. Browse through our wide collection of tiered cake boxes, which can be customised and designed as per your size requirements.

Tiered Cake Boxes Online

Are you always worried that the top of your cake will get smudged, since a cake box rarely accommodates tall cakes? Worry no more as you have reached the perfect destination to fit you tall cakes in our tiered cake boxes. Shop online today and select from a wide range of tiered cakes boxes which are made from high-quality material.

Shop online customised tall cake boxes & tiered cake boxes

 Buy online tall cake boxes from today. These boxes are designed to carry your tall cakes and have them transported with ease. Hassle-free delivery of tall cakes just got easy! Perfect for stacked cake, these side opening tall cake boxes can be customised to suit the requirement of your cake. You can select the height and width of the cake box, without having to worry about the cake being smudged.

Customised Tall Cake Boxes

Shop online for tiered cake boxes, tall cake boxes and more! Customised tall cake boxes available now in various colours and designs. 


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